February 17, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

What does it do

This tool matches currencies and languages, and shows currencies to customer according to it.
It sets default currency according to language.
This is the best way to set specific currency for specific language.


Go following link and change language, You will also see that the language changed.

>>Demo Link<<


  • For OC 2.x : Use installer
  • For OC 1.x :Upload files in the “upload” folder to root directory of Opencart site.
  • Give Access/Modify permission for ‘tool/curbylang’ to ‘Top Administrator’ user group.
  • ‘Currency by Language’ menu will be added to under ‘System’ menu.

Main features

  • Checks that the currency exists in opencart and sets it.
  • Language/Currency mapping can be easily changed at anytime.
  • Still Allows customer to change their currency to something else.
  • 6 mounts free support



  • Initial version


  • You can change order of currencies in front-end currency module according to active language


* OpenCart 1.4.x / 1.5.x
* vqMod (free download)



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