January 23, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

My 2015 7 days Alaska Cruise trip and tips (South bound Seward AK to Vancouver BC) – 1 of 2
• Travel agents vs. self planning without going through travel agents (more freedom, at my own pace, more efficient)
We only did 5 things on the cruise – Eat, Drink, Play, Sleep and Repeat! Yes, Repeat!

1. Which Alaska cruise I took and why?
2. South bound or North bound?
3. Upper decks or lower decks?
4. Ocean view or inside cabin?
5. Unlimited drinks?
6. Internet on cruise?
7. Book excursions from cruise line or independently?
8. How much did it cost per person?
a. Airfare – about $600 – DC to Anchorage and Vancouver BC to DC –
b. Car Rentals in Anchorage, Vancouver – carrentals.com
c. Shuttle Bus from Anchorage to Seward AK – $42 over the internet, more if you book through cruise line.
d. Vancouver Metro 2 blocks from ship terminal to Vancouver airport – $4 Canadian dollars per person.
e. Cruise charge + service charge
f. Hotels in Anchorage and Vancouver
9. When did I take it? 7 days from August 24, 2015- August 31, 2015.
10. Excursion in each of the ports.
• Icy Strait points – see my youtube whale watching and town description videos
• Juneau – videos to come.
• Skagway – see my youtube White Pass and Yukon videos.
• Katchikan – see my youtube Katchikan videos.
• Vancouver BC – see my youtube Vancouver videos.

11. Tips – Log into accounts
• Create accounts and check-in and print boarding documents.
• Book complementary cruise ship restaurants before leaving home.
12. What would I have done differently if I go again?
• Fly or fly/drive to anchorage, AK.
• To fly direct between DC and Vancouver BC vs. fly to Seattle and drive to Vancouver BC. Rent a car and drive from Seattle to Vancouver and vice versa (only 140 miles each way – under 3 hours drive).
• Pay the cruise costs and service charges on-time (don’t miss the payment deadline).
• Do more advance research for each port before leaving home. Rent bikes and/or golf carts, excursions in advance if possible.
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