January 20, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

Avis has got to be the best option for car rental that offers moderate price for high quality cars. Some of my best rental cars were from Avis, I’m talking BMW X-5, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Range Rover Evogue, and Jeep Cherokee. And the prices for these cars were average of between $40 to $100 daily, the BMW X-5 was about $100/day and with insurance it bumped up to $140/day. I remember this as it’s not that long ago.

AVIS car groups:
[A Sub-compact];  [B Compact];  [C Intermediate]; [D Full-size 2-door]; [E Full-size 4-door]; [F Intermediate SUV]; [G Premium]; [H Luxury]; [K Convertible];  [L Premium SUV];  [P 12 Passenger Van];  [S Sport] ; [V Minivan];  [W Standard SUV];  [X Specialty];  [Z Full-size SUV]

My Recent Experience:

So I went to Avis with the intention of booking the luxury Chrysler 300 and then I saw the new addition of the BMW X-5 to the fleet and I knew I had to leave with the car. I’m a return customer so it was easy to spark a conversation with the counter people and I pulled out my charm offensive that is my best tool in getting what I want. We went back and forth on the negotiation as the Chrysler 300 rate was $100/day since it was a busy Stampede event in Calgary with car rental demand at an all time high. So in the end, they agreed that if the BMW X-5 was still available at the end of the day then I could have it for $100/day and that was the deal done.

Anyway I digressed, but the reason I like Avis is because they always have above average fleet of cars, that with little contention you could be swayed to upgrade to something completely different. Like going in to a restaurant for wings special and ending up having steak or something. Another reason is that their prices are reasonably fair considering the type of car get will be slightly better than  a car from another rental company.  Another reason I go to Avis is because they don’t ruin their cars with logos that informs the world that your driving a rental car.

But I have my reservations with Avis, they don’t always pop up on search engines like Priceline.com or Hotwire.com or Expedia.com with competitive prices. Their prices are always above the average price in comparison to other rental companies. And their coverage plan is good as it goes up with the value of the car but also weird with what certain plans cover and don’t cover. But if you have those credit cards with travel benefits like rental insurance then you don’t have to worry about getting insurance with Avis, although I strongly suggest that you check with your credit card company about details of your car rental insurance coverage.