January 23, 2019

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Bali New Airport Information is available on the web in many places. This is my personal take on the new airport as I see it. I’ve traveled to over 80 countries and Bali’s airport is very nice and comfortable and not overly large.

The new airport is very nice in comparison to much larger and busier. The decor is tastefully done in the local Balinese Hindu religion. It makes for easy decoration that is very nice to look at.

Even in the airport you will start to notice small offering baskets named canang sari’s. They are offerings back to the god’s for gratitude to the richness of life. When you come across these offerings that can and might be located on a walking area, just step over them and walk by.

The airport flows well and even with multiple flights arriving it works very well. Customs is very thorough and will check for illegal items. So check some websites for the most current information on what isn’t allowed to bring into Bali.

There you have it, Bali New Airport Information. Embrace this beautiful culture. Take a bunch of pictures and return home at the end of your Bali vacation with the memories of a lifetime.


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