January 23, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

So a lot of people want to know if you can rent a car without credit card, and my opinion is really difficult to rent a car without one. If you can go online to search for a car rental then you can apply for a credit car also no matter your credit rating or circumstances. Capital One has variety of credit cards and one of them should meet your criteria. I mean, I had  a poor credit rating and no job but was able to get a credit card that now help me build my credit rating. Don’t freak out about it, just apply and you’ll be surprised that you just might be approved and when you do get the card try to pay your balance on time.

Okay so back to the requirement of credit card for car rental – if you don’t have a credit card then you have the option of using someone else’s credit card. However, they have to be there when you go pick up the car and in most situation they will be added to your reservation as an additional driver which they may charge $10/day avaerage fee for additional driver, Don’t quote me on the cost as it may vary based on rental company and ffranchise and other situation.

Again, don’t worry if you do not have a credit card, just find someone who has one with a high balance as they require atleast $300 hold on the card. Infact Avis held $370 for the BMW X-5 when I made the reservation, so the hold fees may differ based on the rental company.

So the hold doesn’t mean that that is what your being charged. The hold is put in place, like a damage deposit for a rental apartment or so to cover for damages or loss of business or something in that nature. When you return the car, you have the option of paying with your debit card or with the credit card on file. Personally, I rent a lot of cars so I pay with my debit card and then have them return the full deposit back to my credit card so that it will be ready for the next transaction.


So wrap up quickly: you need a credit card not necessarily to reserve a car but when you go to pick up the car. If you don’t have credit card don’t stress out, you can use someone else’s card but they have to be there with you when you go pick up the car. You need to have at least $350, if possible $400 available on your credit card so the rental company can put a hold on your card just like a damage deposit. If you don’t have credit card, why not take a chance and apply with Capital One. And finally pre-pay credit card from the post office or I dunno are usually frowned upon by rental companies, and most likely they won’t accept it.