February 21, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

Cars and bikes race with endless fun.


  • AdMob Banner & Interstitial ads
  • Heyzap Rewarded Video Ads
  • 7 in-app purchases (remove ads,6 coins packs)
  • Game servers leaderboardĀ 
  • Share + Review buttons
  • Shop screen, you can purchase coins from the list
  • Splash screen with loading processing text
  • Pause screen to restart,continue or go to game shop
  • Multi cars,bikes you can earn coins to unlock it
  • Full step by step documentation for reskin

How To:

  • Import Project into Eclipse.
  • Change Package ID, Version ID, App Name.
  • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app
  • Change ID for Ad Networks.
  • Update Review Us URL.
  • Configure Game Center.
  • Change Atlases file with new images
  • Export Project and upload to Play Store.

Use Rights:

  • All graphic assets you can’t use them. They are copyrighted.



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