January 23, 2019

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How to open a car wash

Open a car wash business can be fun, interesting and profitable for someone with business acumen and perseverance. With a good location, advertising and first-class service, you can attract many customers who require washing his car fast, efficient manner and at a good price. However, opening a car wash also requires considerable investment, good planning and attention to detail in order to be profitable, so read the following steps so you know how to open your own car wash.

1. Find out about the business of car washes.
Research the competition in your area, find out where they are, what services they offer, their prices and how attract customers.
3. Develop a detailed business plan.
4. Find the investment capital to open your car wash.
5. Choose the right location for your business.
6. Buy the necessary equipment for your business.
7. Hire employees to be punctual, efficient, skilled and educated.
8. Promote your carwash with street signs, flyers, posters and in print publications.
9. Open your car wash.


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