February 22, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

Whether your simply moving or working on set, efficiency is key. This short video, produced by Avon Rent a Car Truck and Van, will demonstrate how to properly operate a hydraulic lift which can be found on Cubes, 20′ Cubes, 24′ Cubes and Stake Bed Trucks from Avon. It is important to use them correctly to ensure proper function.

• Make sure the engine is running
• Turn off all accessories including the a/c
• Locate and turn on the flip switch inside the cab
• Make sure the area immediately surrounding the lift is clear
• Bring lift down until flush with surface

Operating The Truck Lift Gate:
• Top button = Drives the lift up
• Bottom button = Brings the lift down
• Top and middle buttons = Tilt the lift up
• Button and middle buttons Tilt the lift down

Established in 1978, Avon has become one of the largest privately owned independently operated car, truck and van rental company in Southern California. Professional and courteous, with one of the newest fleets in town, Avon can still offer the old fashioned hands on customer service that no longer exists at the large multi-corporation owned rental companies.

At Avon, we are on your side. We don’t want you to waste money on an over-priced rental vehicle, or time trying to locate the vehicle you need. We have a fleet of vehicles, ranging from the very small to the very large. Let us know your needs and we’ll set you up with the perfect fit – guaranteed.

We provide to everyone in the business. Need a car to bring the actors to set? A truck to haul gear up the coast? A van to transport actors and extras from base camp? We have it all. Are you an aspiring film maker on a limited budget? Is this your first production? We’ll guide you through the process. Need one van for a day or 50 trucks at a time, we have the inventory and flexibility to help.

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Give us a call: 800-432-2866


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