January 22, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

Multi – Scheduler Appointment Booking and Schedule with Multi Booking plugin comes with a modern booking functionality and a wide range of features to take your customer or client appointments. It provides very wonderful user friendly environment to deal with any person.it has flexibility and convenience for you and your clients.Supports all kinds of appointment booking and scheduling requirements such as resource scheduling, client scheduling, general appointment scheduling, event booking, doctor appointment scheduling and whatever you want.So whether you offer legal services, running a salon, a fitness center, or a clinic, running a taxi service, or having a business of rental rooms, this plugin is suitable for all your needs.

Demo Login Panel : http://multischedulerv2.bdtask.com/

User name : admin

Password : 123456789

Main Features :

  • Multi Booking System
  • Multi Scheduling System
  • Modern Reporting System
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Approved & Disapproved Email System
  • Cron job auto scheduler system
  • Google Calendar System
  • Fresh and Clean Code
  • Any Language Supported
  • Fully Customizable admin panel
  • Make the Design as your Theme
  • 100% User friendly
  • All Browser Supported
  • Easy ShortCode System



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