February 17, 2019

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Gravity Forms User Registration and Auto Login

Register new users with Gravity Forms! … and log them in after registration! Now you can register new users with Gravity Forms and have the new user automatically logged in after form submission! In the settings page you can set the field from the form to use for Username, Password, E-mail, First Name, Last Name, […]


Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

Automatic capitalization/case formatting, blacklist/block text, auto copy values between fields or user single click to copy values, read only and disabled fields, turn off autocomplete, require matching or non-matching inputs, restrict character type of inputs in realtime, link removal, custom text replacement, min/max character requirements, HTML tag and PHP code removal, and before/after text appending […]


Gravity Forms Auto Suggest

Gravity Forms Auto Suggest is a Gravity Forms field. It fetches suggestions automatically according to what you have entered in textbox. You can choose source for suggestions as you want.Those can be one of the following: – WordPress • Post Types • Taxonomies • Users – An URL Returned JSON – Custom Suggestions Added Manually […]