January 22, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental


Thanks ! for purchasing Transporter Script. This script will provide you the ability to manage your online fleets booking business. You can add fleets and users can make a booking request now when a user make a booking request you will get email notification of the booking same thing when user will make a payment. Transporter Script with payment method implement inside it will make it easy for you to manage your business.

Demo URL




  • Users Account Management.
  • Users can create booking requests.
  • Admin will be get notification when user place a booking, update booking details or make a payment for booking.
  • Users can provide feedback about services.
  • Beautiful Dashboard to check out traffic stats.
  • Manage General Settings, Contact Information, Logo, Favicon Google Recaptcha and Google Maps Easily.
  • Manage Moderators and Moderators Log.
  • Messaging, Newsletters Management and Manage Subscribers.
  • Pagging, Theme Settings, Social Profiles and Social Media Login Management.
  • Google Ads Management.
  • Slide Show Management.
  • Manage Languages.
  • Manage Media.
  • Backup Website and Database Easily.
  • Manage Fleets.
  • Manage Feedback.
  • and many more…


Following are some requirements to run script properly.

  • Google Places API Web Service, Google Maps Directions API, Google Maps JavaScript API
  • PHP imagick class should be enabled on your server.


Upload main.zip where you want to install the script and unzip it. Go to http://www.yourdomain.com/install/ and follow instructions.


Following are some quick configurations to make website works charm.

  • General Settings > Add Contact person name.
  • General Settings > Add Contact Mobile number.
  • General Settings > Add Contact Email address.
  • General Settings > Add Google Recaptcha Keys.
  • General Settings > Add Google Maps Key.
  • Messaging > Add SMTP Email Cardinals.
  • Social Media > Add Social Media Profiles and Social Media Login Cardinals.
  • Theme Settings > Update Theme Coloring and Fonts.

If you need help please email me at superight.com@gmail.com.



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