January 20, 2019

Knowledge Base of Car Rental

Jaycation: Santorini is my first episode travel blog! Follow me through the gorgeous island of Santorini where I explore the local greek culture, eat and drink at local bars and restaurants and take an ATV around the island! Please subscribe to my youtube channel and enjoy!! Exfaristo!!

Santorini is one of the most stunning Greek Islands located in the Cyclades. With it’s breathtaking cliffs with white and blue buildings situated all over, Santorini is one of the most visited Islands in all of Europe. Santorini’s world famous sunset will leave a lasting impression and have you dreaming of quaint towns like Fira and Ioa after visiting.


“Vacation” – Glee Cast (Opening Credits)

“Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” – 98 Degrees

“I Melt With You” – Nouvelle Vogue

“Dust in the Wind” – Kansas (Sunset Song)

“Rude” – MAGIC!

Featured Men’s Fashion:

Topman- Short Sleeved Button Down Floral Print Shirt

H&M- Indonesian Floral Print Shorts Dark Blue, Boat Shoes Navy Blue/white/khaki

9Five- Sunglasses (Watson) Black/Gold

Ray Ban- Sunglasses

New Era Caps- 2014 San Diego Chargers Draft Cap, 2012 World Baseball Classic Country Cap

Nike- Flyknits (Multicolor)


Greek Gyros- Any place around the island is great! Pork, Lamb or Chicken and fries come packed inside the pita!

Niki Restaurant- Decent Food, not the best but a great place to watch the sunset in Fira. Not as pricey as one may think. A good meal with drinks will run you €10-25 depending on your appetite.

Murphy’s Bar- Contiki mates get 2 for 1 drinks but still costs €10 euro. Good hip hop upstairs. Make your way down the spiral stairs to the bottom floor where it’s much more relaxed with oldies/rock/alternative music playing.

Liogerma Cafe- A Contiki sponsored cafe where wine and appetizers are included along with reserved seats to watch Ioa’s unforgettable sunset. €25 via Contiki tour.

Red Beach Parking Lot Food Stand- Fresh Fruit Smoothie for €2.50 euro delicious and perfect before making 10-minute hike to the secluded Red Beach.

BOSS Ice Cream Bar- Cookies and Cream. Can Be found at almost every place that sells ice cream in Santorini.

Santa Irini Bakery Shop- Open 24 hours, this place is great to stop by late night after partying by the Black Sand Beaches or anytime during the day for that matter! Very nice people and all their bread, croissants and product is served warm! Their Baklava was phenomenal!!


ATV Rental- (Recommended)- LIVE A LITTLE! Rent an ATV for only €15 for 24 hour period at Mark’s Bikes in Perissa and explore the island on your own and be adventurous!

Public Bus- Cheapest option but heard nothing but bad experiences from my Contiki Mates. Crowded, Hot and unreliable. It will get you around but also get you irritated. Not worth it on Vacation.

Taxi- Can be expensive if you’re traveling across the island. If you have the money, do it but I suggest renting a car or an ATV!

Donkey Ride- In Fira and Ioa for about €5-10 up/down the cliffs or round trip. I think it’s cruel and riding a donkey does nothing for me. JUST WALK!!

Fira Funicular Ride- €4 each way. Get ready for a Disneyland type line. Like I said… get some exercise and walk.

Rental Car- I heard it’s not bad to rent a car and if you get one do yourself a favor and get a drop top!!


IRA Family Vassalos- Located in Perissa, it is a little off the path but the hard working family does it’s best to be swift in making food orders and drinks at their poolside bar. The air-conditioning was hard to control but the rooms were decent enough to stay in for a couple days. It’s only a 15-Minute walk to bars and the black sand beach, so that’s a plus.

Ioa- If I had the choice, I would have found a place to stay in this quaint, quiet and breathtaking town. With Santorini’s best views and most famous for it’s sunsets, Ioa would be my choice of area to stay.

Fira- If you are into night life and a little more hustle and bustle, Fira is the place for you. Fira is Santorini’s largest town with the most restaurants, shops and famous Donkey Rides can be found here. Still a ways away from the beach!!


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